Ok – so it’s cold out there – it might be raining, it could be windy and there’ll no doubt be some snow on the hills. Hey -it’s Winter! It’s a quarter of your life. Revel in it! At The Gates Accommodation we’ll help you grab it with both hands, shake it like crazy and have golden moments fall out and bang you on the head! Spend a romantic cuddly time with a loved one at The Gates.


Keep calm and knit a scarf


Brew up Lemon Gate mulled wine and sip slowly! A hot toddy in front of the fire at romantic Kissing Gate is just what the doctor ordered. 

Photo of a book!

Read The Little Red I Hate Winter Book for more ideas.

Make some suggestions – the best five each winter win prizes

Hire the house, the cottage, the caravans and the huts and have a wondrous winter weekend of catching up with your friends / family.

Embrace it!
Relish it!
Celebrate it!
Hold Winter close and Squeeze it to bits!

Glam up in gorgeous retro rugs, sit on the deck and listen for frogs

photo 1

Gear up, grab a toboggan, get to the snow at Rainbow Skifield and have a ball