Cairn Gate

Opening in 2019....For as long as humans have made journeys, they've made CAIRNS. CAIRNS, or stone stacks, are the universal symbol of marking a track or important points on a journey. New Zealand is internationally well known for its stunning tramping (hiking) and cycle trails. The Tasman District, of course, is no exception with Kahurangi, Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes National Parks, and numerous conservation and forest parks. Hundreds of huts that provide the traveller with warmth, and shelter are dotted throughout these wilderness areas.
Cairn Gate is our version of such huts. Designed to be small and snug, Cairn Gate reflects our natural heritage of back-country travelling, journeying and tramping. Cairn Gate is all about journeys - your journey. Being huts, one for sleeping and one for everything else, Cairn gate is refreshingly different, with the outdoors blending into your kitchen and bathroom facilities. Available hopefully in the 2018/2019 summer, Cairn Gate will be an experience not to be missed.

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