Eco at The Gates Accommodation


Eco - we live in a finite world. At The Gates Accommodation we try to model sustainability practices that will leave our world a better place.

Our vision is to offer family-friendly, smart-living holiday accommodation that celebrates style, art, comfort and eco-design where guests can enjoy finding out about how easy, fun and practical sustainable living can be. Copper Gate was established as a model home in sustainable design - it was built as a social enterprise between The Gates, NMIT carpentry students, and Hybrid Homes. Students learnt over the 1 year build, through seminars and hands-on construction, how an eco-home is made. 

Kissing Gate, Copper Gate or Corru Gate have:




  • water efficient toilets and showers, Biolytix
  • Non toxic, non-VOC materials
  • carbon-offset protocols
  • local merchant support policy
  • cultural empathy (pa harakeke)
  • public transport/electric bike options, cycle tours
  • super-thick walls (150mm)
  • own firewood, organic fruit, free-range eggs, hand-feedable sheep
  • highly insulated (R4 floors, R5.8 ceiling, R3.6 walls)
  • sustainability3
  • Douglas fir timber or on-property building material
  • High efficiency LED lighting and energy audits
  • community group sponsorship
  • sustainability education materials
  • reduce, reuse and recycle practices
  • wetland restoration project; rainwater collection
  • photovoltaic (10kW) solar panels (Nelson's largest residential)
  • aim to source local materials/art/products
  • thermally broken, low-E, argon filled double glazing